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online blackjack - The best online casino games to play for real money

When it comes to choosing an online casino game to play for real money, there are a few factors you need to take into account. The first is what type of games you enjoy playing. Do you like slots or table games? What about specialty games like bingo or keno? Once you know what category of game you prefer, then research which specific titles in that category have the best payout rates.

When choosing an online casino game to play for real money, consider the following:

When choosing an online casino game to play for real money, consider the following: the house edge, the number of decks in use, and whether the game is pooled. Games with a low house edge like blackjack and baccarat give players a better chance to win, while games with a high house edge like slots are more likely to take your money. Choose from hundreds of different slot games at most online casinos – just make sure you understand the rules before you start spinning!

Slot games are easy to understand and a lot of fun to play. They come in many different varieties but they all have one thing in common: they all have three reels full of symbols and some sort of ‘pay table’ listed beside the reels that is usually used to determine how much money you’ll win when specific combinations occur. Most slot games also offer a progressive jackpot, which can roll over until one lucky player hits it and wins.

The pay table will also tell you how much you’ll win for each individual combination that lands on the reels. The idea is to match the symbols on the reels to those on the pay table. For example, if you can match three ‘7s’ to receive 30 coins, or perhaps two ‘7s’ for 15 coins and one for 5 coins. It’s as simple as that.

What makes slot games so easy to understand is that they’re incredibly simple when it comes down to it. All you need to know is what the pay table is and what the game rules are, which you’ll find on the sidebar of every slot listed here. Once you know the basics, you’ll be able to try and win! You can also use the practice mode to get a feel for how slot games work and for how much money you can expect to win.

The type of games you enjoy playing

The type of games you enjoy playing at an online casino can vary depending on what you’re looking for. If you want to try your luck at slots, then spinning the reels is a great option and there are plenty of fun and exciting games to choose from. If you’re more interested in table games, then there are classics like blackjack, roulette and poker that offer hours of entertainment. Whatever your preference, make sure to check out the different options available so that you can find the perfect game or games for YOU!

All tables in the poker variants section follow the same general rules found in traditional poker but differ from each other in terms of the cards that are in play and the objective of each hand. Poker is a game of betting, and each hand will end when all players have either called the final wager or folded. When this happens, the player who made the final wager takes the pot, along with any additional chips that other players may have a bet.

As for the number of decks, this is yet another advantage for blackjack: the game is traditionally played with several decks. Some online casino games come with only a single deck and this can be a disadvantage for the player as there is less of a chance of getting a blackjack.

A pool game is one when each hand is independent of all other hands and is dealt from its own deck. Pool games ensure a higher payout percentage, but they also attract less house money.

Black jack online - The best online casino games to play for real money

Research which specific titles in that category have the best payout rates

There are a lot of great games to play at an online casino, but some of them have better payout rates than others. If you’re looking for the best return on your investment, you should research which specific titles in that category have the best payouts. The casino game with the best odds is blackjack, so if you’re a fan of that game, make sure to seek out tables with favourable conditions.

Online Casinos have a bad reputation for scams and deceptive practices, but there are legitimate sites out there that simply cannot afford to have a poor reputation. Still, it’s important that you protect yourself from being taken advantage of by these sites. The best way to do this is to do your homework. That way, you can be confident in your experience and you’ll know what you’re looking for from the site.

It’s also important to note that the payout rate of any game is going to depend on how you play it. If you’re playing blackjack, there are a few different rulesets, including Classic and European, as well as which dealer’s hand you’re playing against. Most gamblers prefer European blackjack over American because of its higher payout rates, and you should too.

casino games online - The 4 Most Stimulating Games to Play at Bitcoin Casino

If you love playing online games, you are probably familiar with Bitcoin Casinos. Bitcoin casinos are online betting casinos, resembling a traditional casino, but they use bitcoins as a digital currency instead of cash or chips. The use of bitcoins in online betting casinos has become popular since it offers player anonymity and a globally acceptable digital currency. Considering gambling is not allowed in most countries, bitcoin casinos are gaining popularity since they are easily accessible, anonymous, and difficult to regulate. With the increasing popularity of online casinos following the recent lockdowns, you should know which are the most stimulating games to play on these online betting platforms.


When deciding to play casino games, Blackjack is one of the best choices and most popular. The game involves one or more players comparing their cards with that of the dealer, the objective being competing against the cards of the dealer. Therefore, players do not compete against one other but compete against the dealer. Simply, the winner of the game is the player with the higher value of cards compared to those of the dealer. However, based on the rules of the game, winning is not as straight-forward as having the highest number of cards. The Ace card can either have a value of 1 or 11 while the faces cards have a value of ten. Face cards include Queen, Jack, and King. The string of cards from two to ten have the value of their respective card number. Therefore, the players have to add the sum of the value of their cards and compare them to the dealer’s hand. The game is hosted by the dealer, who deals two cards to every player. Each player bets they have a better hand than the dealer. Hence, if the dealer has a higher hand than any player, such players have lost their bet. Also, based on the rules of the game, any player whose cards exceed a sum of 21 losses their bet. Therefore, the better hand that has higher chances of winning is the hand whose card value is 21, or closer to 21 without exceeding it. When the cards are being dealt, one of the dealer’s cards is dealt facing up while the other face down so that the players can place their bets. However, Blackjack has a long history and thus has numerous rule variations based on individual casinos. Based on the cards each player has been dealt with, each card holds a value which is summed up to determine the sum of the two cards given to each player. Tip: Blackjack is a probability game thus players can employ various strategies to get an edge in the game.


Poker is another popular game played in casinos. The game consists of a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten, in addition to the dealer. However, the dealer is not a participant in the game hence the players compete against each other. The players bet over who has the best hand according to specific rankings of the game. It is highly advised to know the specific rankings from the lowest to the highest since it will help in decision-making throughout the game. The player with the highest-ranking set of cards is thus the winner of all the bets placed by other players. Poker consists of at least four betting rounds in which the players are dealt one card at a time, as they place their bets based on how high the players think their cards are ranking. Therefore, if a player believes they have a higher ranking set of cards, they can either match or exceed the current bet. Once a bet is made, the remaining players either have to match the bet or exceed it. If a player feels their dealt cards are not high ranking, they have the option of folding. Folding means discarding the cards the player has been dealt and thus forfeiting interest in the current betting pot. Therefore, the winner can be the player with the highest-ranking cards or the last man standing if all the players fold, no matter the ranking of their card. Players can thus bluff to be having a higher ranking set of cards, intending to make the other players fold. The winner wins all the bets make in the pot. Poker is interesting to play since the game is filled with tension and speculation since players do not know what cards other players are holding. Tip: when playing Poker, never let the other players know the rankings of your cards. Instead, make the other players think your cards have a higher ranking than theirs even if they are not.

slotgamedeveolpers - The 4 Most Stimulating Games to Play at Bitcoin Casino

Slot Machine

Slots is a game of chance where players try to match symbols displayed on the slot machine. Slots are the most popular gambling method in casinos based on their simplistic game-play, compared to Blackjack or Poker. However, the playing rules are simple but winning might not be. The slots machines are completely random hence no amount of skill will reassure the player of any winnings. Therefore, if you believe you are a lucky person or having a lucky day, slots should be your go-to game in bitcoin casinos. To increase one’s chances of winning, players need to carefully consider some factors such as the Return to Player rate and other features of the slot machines. Although the game is played in a similar manner of matching symbols, the slots machine never has the same features. The slot machines vary in themes, patterns, symbols, and Return to Player rate. As mentioned above, slots is a game of chance hence it’s advisable to opt for slot machines with a higher chance of winning. Tip: at the bitcoin casino, check the RTP percentage of the slot machines and pick the one with the higher RTP rate.


Roulette is yet another popular and simple casino game. The game consists of a spinning wheel and a small ball. During the game, the wheel is spun and the players place their bets on where they predict the small ball will settle after the wheel stops spinning. Compared to other online casino games, roulette has more choices for players to place their bets. Players can place a bet on a single number, a grouping of numbers, the colours black or red, high numbers, or low numbers. The ball falls into one of 37 slots and winnings are paid to players with successful bets. However, different bets have different payouts based on their probability. For instance, a bet on a single number has a higher payout compared to a bet on either the colours black or red since their probability is higher. Tip: find a balance between the probability and payout of the slots. Higher probability choices have less payout while lower probability choices have higher payouts but almost impossible to predict.


Playing bitcoin casinos and other online casinos can be fun and result in great winnings either based on strategy or chance. However, gambling can become a problem and result in great losses hence it is always wise to know when to stop and try your luck another day.

vr - How Virtual Reality Could Change Online Casinos

If you are yet to embrace the changes brought about by Virtual Reality, then you are probably missing out.

For over five years now, Virtual Reality has been at the forefront of gambling, and in that period, things have progressed. Moreover, the days of the grainy, block-like graphics are gone. Casinos are now part of a whole rarefied world of Virtual Reality.

Future casinos of 10, 20, or even 30 years will be much different from the current ones. How will it change? How will the casinos evolve? Nobody can predict how, but what is certain is that online casinos could change thanks in large part to Virtual Reality. So, in this post, we are going to look at how Virtual Reality could change online casinos. But first, what is the current state of VR?

The current state of VR

VR has come a long way, though currently, it has started evolving. Everybody knew that VR would be developing at an extremely high speed when Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook owner) bought Oculus. However, that was the truth and precisely what happened as more casinos have started embracing the developments brought about by Virtual Reality. Let’s check where VR exactly stands currently.

VR has different types of games to be played like card games, roulettes, and slots- VR casinos offer a comprehensive gaming experience. However, things like cashing in and withdrawal of chips are currently not available as they are still done from the main switch.

The dealer and the other players on the table are digital avatars- You have the chance to choose your avatar that will have to relate well with others. This is a refined option with the opportunity of buying drinks, flirting, and interacting with others, also available in some VR casinos.

The way you can move in a real venue is similar to how you can move in a VR casino- The scenery will keep on changing around just as if you are walking and it’s visible through the window. The weather even changes continuously, and the city skyline is evident in one of the much-celebrated casinos.

Therefore, although VR is much different from the real world, the truth is that it’s developing quickly. Could the developments change in the future? Well, back to our topic.

Virtual Reality Casino Systems and Its Impact on the Gambling Society man with goggles - How Virtual Reality Could Change Online Casinos

How Virtual Reality could change online Casinos

The changes to technology have been exceedingly significant, and it’s one hell of exciting innovation. We can say VR is right at the top. VR architects are developing a fascinating digital domain, and some incredible changes are felt at a distance. Nobody is ascertaining that for sure, but due to current trends and ideas, we can only foresee how the impending evolution of VR will be. Below are some of the changes VR will bring to the online Casino.

1 You’ll do an accumulative number of activities in the Casino

What is the primary aim of a casino? To make you hang around in the Casino by keeping you entertained and satisfied as a player, right?

Well, this is what drives the development behind the VR casinos, and within no time, you’ll be able to watch concerts, hang out with friends and enjoy all forms of entertainment inside the casinos.

Most VR casinos already have bars and social areas. This is going to be extensive, and the experience you’ll have inside the casinos will increase.

2 The Games will be more realistic

The experience inside the VR is increasingly becoming more factual to life every day, though currently, it’s easy to tell that you are in a VR casino. This will gradually change as VR as a whole adopts changes. There will be a time when it will be hard to distinguish between what happens in a VR casino with reality though it won’t happen soon. It can only happen, maybe, in the next 10 or 20 years.

Could we, in some days, provide entertainment or any other similar roles to the players inside the VR casinos and get paid? Will we get the chance to view the games in the click of a button or only using voice command? This is just a view of the changes VR will embrace in future.

3 VR will transform into a more significant experience

Casinos will desegregate into more substantial and broader experiences as the entire VR world will be developing. Though this might sound unlikely or crazy, you might want to take a look back at the computer consoles and the type of games they offered. Probably, such VR advancements don’t seem so unlikely, do they?

4 The Merger of VR and cryptocurrency

Of all the predictions of VR, this one is the most likely to occur quite soon. Digital forms of money are being developed while virtual worlds are also being built online. In due course, Bitcoins and Altcoins will be accepted by some VR casinos. Playing in a real digital casino using a purely digital currency which you’ll then withdraw and use in the actual world will be such a strange feeling, but all in all, that’s just the way it will be.


Those mentioned above are just a few points on how Virtual reality will forever change the face of the online Casino. However, to cut the story short, what land-based casino offers may take virtual reality some time to surpass. Though it is very much likely, it may take a few more years, and it will be such an exciting experience for the gaming generation.

upcoming slots 2021 - Upcoming Slot Games to Look Out for in 2021

With the end of 2020, the year most of us would like to forget about, 2021 comes with the joy of new and amazing slot games. In addition, the past year has seen some growth in the online casino industry and thus this year we expect more high volatile slot games with huge rewards as both big and small creators try to dominate the industry. On this page, you will learn about the best upcoming slot games 2021 has to offer. We will look into the special features, bet options, graphics, volatility, and so on.

Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot

Microgaming has recently been partnering with smaller studios to design slot games for their platform and Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot is among the new upcoming games to expect in 2021. The slot game is scheduled to be released in February 2021. Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot incorporates excellent graphics and features adequate rewards. Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot features 5×3 reels with 20 pay lines. The slot game has medium volatility but at its best, the player can win up to 3,333 times their stake. This equates to about $250,000 real money. Its RTP is about 96% and includes big features such as regular free spins, HyperHold respins, wilds, and scatters. The main theme for this slot game is that of a pirate and involves treasure islands. The theme provides an enjoyable story that also presents a pretty good design. There are numerous scatters present and a stacked Female Pirate is the wild. The lower icons have four card suits while regulars have images of two other pirates. Taking a look at the bets of this slot game, players have two ways to go about their stake. One ranges between $0.10-50 while the other ranges between $0.15-75. The latter includes a win booster option that adds 50% to bet, in addition to boosting the possible prizes during HyperHold respins. However, the slot game does not feature mega ways and progressive jackpots. But with a chance of winning up to 3,333 times your bet, Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot can pay well while still be fun for the players.

777 Mega Deluxe Slot

Another upcoming slot game we expect from Microgaming casinos is 777 Mega Deluxe Slot. The game is scheduled to be released on January 2021, with promises to deliver a range of unique features to make it stand out. One of its unique features includes a 127 pay line feature. 777 Mega Deluxe Slot features only 4 reels with 7 rows of symbols from which the player has 127 different pay lines. Although the individual wins do not add up to much, players can use some multipliers to win up to 6,601 times their stake, courtesy to the major features of the game which include the Respin Insanity, bonus spins, and multiplier wilds. The volatility of the game is high and the RTP is where it should be at 96%. In terms of betting and prizes, a player can stake as low as $0.20 and have the 127 pay lines active. The stake can also be as high as $30 per spin. Players can also consider the Respin Insanity and the sticky wild multipliers from the free spins, in which a single spin could pay up to 6,601 times your stake. That is impressive. However, the game does not feature progressive jackpots and mega ways. 777 Mega Deluxe Slot has a classic theme and dated design for those who do not mind the retro vibe. In addition to the 4 very tall reels, the game is certainly quite different from other classics. In regards to major symbols, the players are looking at multiplier wilds, classic symbols, the four card suits, and scatters. The classic symbols include Lucky 7, cherries, lemon, and Bar. 777 Mega Deluxe Slot would work well for players that like a retro vibe, big potential and do not mind unique features.

slots0of 2021 - Upcoming Slot Games to Look Out for in 2021

Joker King Slot

Joker King Slot is one of the new upcoming slot games from Pragmatic Play that is scheduled to be released in February 2021. In regards to fruit slots, the Joker King slot offers a slightly better option without too many theme and symbol changes. Players get to enjoy very powerful features, excellent top wins, and more reels than you would expect in fruit slot games. The game has 6×3 reels and offers 25 lines that a player can get paid from. Although some might find it difficult to get a 6-symbol combo, players can use expandable joker wilds and scatters that can generate great multipliers and trigger free spins. Applying these big multipliers and free spins give the players a chance to walk away with a 5,000x jackpot. The expected RTP for this slot game is 96.50% but it does not feature mega ways and a progressive jackpot. It regards to how much players can stake, you can bet as low as $0.25 per spin. The amount used per line can also be changed, enabling players to stake up to $5 per line, which constitutes a maximum wager of $125. At its best, Joker King Slot gives players the chance to win up to 5,000 times their stake per spin, through a combination of various multipliers but acquiring enough scatter multipliers and 6-symbol combinations will not be a walk in the park. As mentioned earlier, this slot game has a fruit theme but its quality and generally everything else about it is outstanding. Although the 6-reel set up might look unusual for most slot machine players, this does not compromise the player’s experience. The game is designed with the Joker King as the wild, the Gold Crown as the scatter, and the regular include oranges, Bar logos, Stars, Plums, and Lucky seven. Even though the game used a classic title and common feature symbols such as scatter and wilds, Joker King is among the more striking fruit themed slot games that I have come across.

Sinbad Slot

Sinbad slot, developed by Quickspin slot, is described as the type of game players won’t get bored too quickly with. The game is scheduled to be released in March 2021 and is expected to have great graphics and a long list of features. Its features include Ape Bonus, randomly stacked reels, Snake bonus, Roc Bonus, and free spins. One of the unique features players will notice about Sinbad Slot is that the game will randomly turn specific symbols into stacked versions. This can happen to more than just one type of symbol for each spin. Based on the story, there are three variants for the free spins. Also, the volatility varies for each feature, enabling players to pick which experience they prefer. Sinbad calculates the RTP of the game to be 97.06%, with 70.69% from the base game contributors and 26.36% from free spins. In addition to other bonuses such as Ape Bonus, Snake Bonus, and Roc Bonus, players have the potential to win big.


What I love most about these upcoming slot games is their focus on grabbing the player’s interest through well-designed themes and stories, unique features, and the potential for big wins as well. I cannot wait to have a go in playing all these slot games.

cyryto casinos - Are Cryptocurrency Casinos Future Proof

The Future Of Cryptocurrency and The Pros and Cons To Using It For Online Gambling

There is much debate over whether or not cryptocurrency is a good thing to use with an online casino. We will explore these ideas and more down below. The first section will discuss the various pros and cons of using cryptocurrency for your deposits and withdrawals in an online casino. The second section will discuss the possible future of this monetary option(if there is any).

The Pros and Cons of Using Cryptocurrency

The Pros

This option is great if you want to protect your privacy. It shrouds your personal information in darkness(so that others do not see anything). Bitcoin is probably the most famous of all the cryptocurrencies. The next pro is that it is decentralized. That means it is not regulated by any banks or other financial institutions(which could be a negative depending on how you look at it). Your information gets recorded using blockchain. You only have to share your information with the casino. There is an extra layer of Secure Sockets Layer(SSL). That means the casino will use extra encryption layers to keep cyberattacks at bay. You communicate with the casino using codes. That keeps trouble away from your doorstep. Most players do not have the time and patience to wait days and days for a transaction to take place. You can withdraw your winnings as they happen. This might come in handy if you run the risk of losing some of your money. You will pay low fees for the privilege. Here is the deal, you pay more when there is a middle man. Cutting the middle man means you pay less. I know that might sound obvious, but some people are not aware of how that works. Right now, you get to have the money tax-free. Governments are trying to change that(as we speak). The point is, you might want to take advantage while you can. Save some money before the government decides to change its mind. You can play whenever you want. It does not matter where you are right now. A cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) is not regulated. There are no restrictions when and wherever you play. Now some argue that those lack of restrictions can also be a disadvantage. That is up to you to decide.

crypt casinos future - Are Cryptocurrency Casinos Future Proof

The Cons

The main disadvantage of cryptocurrency is that it can be very volatile. Let’s take Bitcoin as an example. Right now Bitcoin is in high demand. It is because of the high demand that it is in short supply. The other downside to this is that you could lose that money if things go south. Now, this could change over the years. Word on the street is, as it becomes more popular the likelihood of the volatility is expected to change. Make sure that you want the funds before you withdraw them. On the one hand, this is going to reduce the chances of fraud. On the other hand, it could result in some money mismanagement if you did not want to make that choice to withdraw. The minimum rollout is going to be up to 40 times the original wager. That could prove awkward when it comes to wagering requirements. That means you have to meet a set limit before you can ask for the money. It is better to look over the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

What does the future hold for things like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency options? It might have become a major global phenomenon over the past several years, but many still harbor some doubt about it. Some argue that there is a lot of mistrust over some technological advancements(cryptocurrency included). They also have some mistrust over there being no middle man(as you might find with traditional banking options). One insider has said that the only thing that sets it apart is the independence factor. Cryptocurrency does not rely on any traditional elements to secure its money. Outside of that, that same insider has said that this is nothing more than a “trustless system”. One insider has claimed the opposite. Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a base in China, it cannot be completely trustless. There is still a core foundation that keeps it going. In other words, no trustless system would have a core infrastructure supporting it. Now some have said that you should just introduce a new cryptocurrency to help manage the mismanaged elements of the payments. According to some, you cannot do that. You are just introducing a new element(like Libra)to an already(some might call)flawed system. Facebook has even come out against Libra. It is up to you whether you want to agree with Facebook’s findings.

What about Stable Coin?

Stable Coin had been introduced(many years ago) as a kind of back to the whole cryptocurrency idea. It is similar to how the US currency has backed up the Gold standard. Many have argued against the Stable Coin system. Number one, it recreates something that already exists. Number two, this is going to open the doors for more fraudulent behavior(which is what cryptocurrency is trying to cut down on). The future of cryptocurrency is very much in question. The one side sees unlimited potential. The other side sees risk and remains very skeptical(with only one outlook that proves to be viable). Only time will tell what the future holds for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.