upcoming slots 2021 560x416 - Upcoming Slot Games to Look Out for in 2021

With the end of 2020, the year most of us would like to forget about, 2021 comes with the joy of new and amazing slot games. In addition, the past year has seen some growth in the online casino industry and thus this year we expect more high volatile slot games with huge rewards as both big and small creators try to dominate the industry. On this page, you will learn about the best upcoming slot games 2021 has to offer. We will look into the special features, bet options, graphics, volatility, and so on.

Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot

Microgaming has recently been partnering with smaller studios to design slot games for their platform and Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot is among the new upcoming games to expect in 2021. The slot game is scheduled to be released in February 2021. Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot incorporates excellent graphics and features adequate rewards. Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot features 5×3 reels with 20 pay lines. The slot game has medium volatility but at its best, the player can win up to 3,333 times their stake. This equates to about $250,000 real money. Its RTP is about 96% and includes big features such as regular free spins, HyperHold respins, wilds, and scatters. The main theme for this slot game is that of a pirate and involves treasure islands. The theme provides an enjoyable story that also presents a pretty good design. There are numerous scatters present and a stacked Female Pirate is the wild. The lower icons have four card suits while regulars have images of two other pirates. Taking a look at the bets of this slot game, players have two ways to go about their stake. One ranges between $0.10-50 while the other ranges between $0.15-75. The latter includes a win booster option that adds 50% to bet, in addition to boosting the possible prizes during HyperHold respins. However, the slot game does not feature mega ways and progressive jackpots. But with a chance of winning up to 3,333 times your bet, Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot can pay well while still be fun for the players.

777 Mega Deluxe Slot

Another upcoming slot game we expect from Microgaming casinos is 777 Mega Deluxe Slot. The game is scheduled to be released on January 2021, with promises to deliver a range of unique features to make it stand out. One of its unique features includes a 127 pay line feature. 777 Mega Deluxe Slot features only 4 reels with 7 rows of symbols from which the player has 127 different pay lines. Although the individual wins do not add up to much, players can use some multipliers to win up to 6,601 times their stake, courtesy to the major features of the game which include the Respin Insanity, bonus spins, and multiplier wilds. The volatility of the game is high and the RTP is where it should be at 96%. In terms of betting and prizes, a player can stake as low as $0.20 and have the 127 pay lines active. The stake can also be as high as $30 per spin. Players can also consider the Respin Insanity and the sticky wild multipliers from the free spins, in which a single spin could pay up to 6,601 times your stake. That is impressive. However, the game does not feature progressive jackpots and mega ways. 777 Mega Deluxe Slot has a classic theme and dated design for those who do not mind the retro vibe. In addition to the 4 very tall reels, the game is certainly quite different from other classics. In regards to major symbols, the players are looking at multiplier wilds, classic symbols, the four card suits, and scatters. The classic symbols include Lucky 7, cherries, lemon, and Bar. 777 Mega Deluxe Slot would work well for players that like a retro vibe, big potential and do not mind unique features.

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Joker King Slot

Joker King Slot is one of the new upcoming slot games from Pragmatic Play that is scheduled to be released in February 2021. In regards to fruit slots, the Joker King slot offers a slightly better option without too many theme and symbol changes. Players get to enjoy very powerful features, excellent top wins, and more reels than you would expect in fruit slot games. The game has 6×3 reels and offers 25 lines that a player can get paid from. Although some might find it difficult to get a 6-symbol combo, players can use expandable joker wilds and scatters that can generate great multipliers and trigger free spins. Applying these big multipliers and free spins give the players a chance to walk away with a 5,000x jackpot. The expected RTP for this slot game is 96.50% but it does not feature mega ways and a progressive jackpot. It regards to how much players can stake, you can bet as low as $0.25 per spin. The amount used per line can also be changed, enabling players to stake up to $5 per line, which constitutes a maximum wager of $125. At its best, Joker King Slot gives players the chance to win up to 5,000 times their stake per spin, through a combination of various multipliers but acquiring enough scatter multipliers and 6-symbol combinations will not be a walk in the park. As mentioned earlier, this slot game has a fruit theme but its quality and generally everything else about it is outstanding. Although the 6-reel set up might look unusual for most slot machine players, this does not compromise the player’s experience. The game is designed with the Joker King as the wild, the Gold Crown as the scatter, and the regular include oranges, Bar logos, Stars, Plums, and Lucky seven. Even though the game used a classic title and common feature symbols such as scatter and wilds, Joker King is among the more striking fruit themed slot games that I have come across.

Sinbad Slot

Sinbad slot, developed by Quickspin slot, is described as the type of game players won’t get bored too quickly with. The game is scheduled to be released in March 2021 and is expected to have great graphics and a long list of features. Its features include Ape Bonus, randomly stacked reels, Snake bonus, Roc Bonus, and free spins. One of the unique features players will notice about Sinbad Slot is that the game will randomly turn specific symbols into stacked versions. This can happen to more than just one type of symbol for each spin. Based on the story, there are three variants for the free spins. Also, the volatility varies for each feature, enabling players to pick which experience they prefer. Sinbad calculates the RTP of the game to be 97.06%, with 70.69% from the base game contributors and 26.36% from free spins. In addition to other bonuses such as Ape Bonus, Snake Bonus, and Roc Bonus, players have the potential to win big.


What I love most about these upcoming slot games is their focus on grabbing the player’s interest through well-designed themes and stories, unique features, and the potential for big wins as well. I cannot wait to have a go in playing all these slot games.