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Platform the Game was designed as a technology magazine that focuses on the casino industry and aims to make sure that our users learn something about casino technologies.

It had always been our duty to ensure that each of our users is satisfied with what our magazine’s content has to offer.

However, that doesn’t mean we can do everything on our own. Considering the way this website is growing, we’ll need more people to work with us in bringing our users what they need regarding casino technologies.

So, we are currently looking for people who have the right set of skills and is qualified to work with us here at Platform the Game.

Why Work for Us?

We offer a lot of benefits to the professionals that work in Platform the Game. For one, you will continuously grow as we guide you through the path of learning about casino technologies.

There are many more benefits, but here’s just an overview of the benefits that you should expect from us here at Platform the Game.

Flexible Time

While we mentioned about us having too much to do as of late, that doesn’t mean you’ll also have to share the heavy burden with us.

Our main staff will be responsible for the arduous task. As for the workers we hire here, they will only need to work according to what they are given.

With that said, you can work anytime you want, as long as the products, services, and tasks that we require is given at the preferred time.

As long as this is fulfilled, we won’t be asking more from you. You may also volunteer for more work, and that, of course, would mean more benefits for you.

Generous Leave

Platform the Game is very generous when it comes to creating a schedule that provides leave for our employees.

This applies to each of our workers, including the newly-hired ones. We believe that having leisure time is also an important part of being able to work productively.

Learn as You Work

As previously said, our team consists of people that you can consider as experts both in the technology and casino industry.

As such, you will have the opportunity to learn from us even while you work. That, of course, will depend if you are working to learn more about casino technologies.

Join Platform the Game

If you feel that this offer is great, you can always reach out to us by sending us a message here or at the Contact page.