Platform the Game is composed of people that have years of experience in the casino industry.

Our staff is people who’ve done designing, programming, building and just about everything that involves casino technologies.

We are people who are passionate about modern solutions. As such, we aim to make huge contributions to the casino industry by informing and educating people from all over the world realize the importance of technology to the industry.

Read on to learn more about the person behind all of what you see here at Platform the Game.

Meet Chris Johns

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Chris Johns is a passionate worker that have decades of experience in the casino industry. He has long realized the importance of casino technologies, and as such, he created this website as a way of showing it.

Chris is responsible for many work and concepts that somehow had a positive effect on the casino industry.

When Chris is not busy helping make the casino industry better, he teaches people about casino technologies.

While Chris is a very important figure in the casino industry, we always make it known that each of our people here at Platform the Game matter.

What We Do

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Along with Chris, Platform the Game collaborates with various brands to further develop the technological aspect of the casino industry.

You can think of our team here at Platform the Game as a major contributor to the development of casino technologies.

We’ve always done what we do for the sake of making gambling better for players from all around the globe. Whether it be about bitcoin, virtual reality, or casino systems, at Platform the Game we give it our best to make it count.

If you want to learn more about what exactly we do, check out our range of services in the next paragraphs.


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Our first goal is to further the technology of the casino industry. As such, the main service we provide to our readers is discovering different techs that might be helpful.

To do this, our projects undergo thorough research, creating ideas, and of course, strategizing how to make these ideas into reality.

We then make prototypes of the concept we’ve created and finally create designs for our clients to take.

If you want to learn about our magazine directly from our staff, you can always contact us.