casino games online 560x416 - The 4 Most Stimulating Games to Play at Bitcoin Casino

If you love playing online games, you are probably familiar with Bitcoin Casinos. Bitcoin casinos are online betting casinos, resembling a traditional casino, but they use bitcoins as a digital currency instead of cash or chips. The use of bitcoins in online betting casinos has become popular since it offers player anonymity and a globally acceptable digital currency. Considering gambling is not allowed in most countries, bitcoin casinos are gaining popularity since they are easily accessible, anonymous, and difficult to regulate. With the increasing popularity of online casinos following the recent lockdowns, you should know which are the most stimulating games to play on these online betting platforms.


When deciding to play casino games, Blackjack is one of the best choices and most popular. The game involves one or more players comparing their cards with that of the dealer, the objective being competing against the cards of the dealer. Therefore, players do not compete against one other but compete against the dealer. Simply, the winner of the game is the player with the higher value of cards compared to those of the dealer. However, based on the rules of the game, winning is not as straight-forward as having the highest number of cards. The Ace card can either have a value of 1 or 11 while the faces cards have a value of ten. Face cards include Queen, Jack, and King. The string of cards from two to ten have the value of their respective card number. Therefore, the players have to add the sum of the value of their cards and compare them to the dealer’s hand. The game is hosted by the dealer, who deals two cards to every player. Each player bets they have a better hand than the dealer. Hence, if the dealer has a higher hand than any player, such players have lost their bet. Also, based on the rules of the game, any player whose cards exceed a sum of 21 losses their bet. Therefore, the better hand that has higher chances of winning is the hand whose card value is 21, or closer to 21 without exceeding it. When the cards are being dealt, one of the dealer’s cards is dealt facing up while the other face down so that the players can place their bets. However, Blackjack has a long history and thus has numerous rule variations based on individual casinos. Based on the cards each player has been dealt with, each card holds a value which is summed up to determine the sum of the two cards given to each player. Tip: Blackjack is a probability game thus players can employ various strategies to get an edge in the game.


Poker is another popular game played in casinos. The game consists of a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten, in addition to the dealer. However, the dealer is not a participant in the game hence the players compete against each other. The players bet over who has the best hand according to specific rankings of the game. It is highly advised to know the specific rankings from the lowest to the highest since it will help in decision-making throughout the game. The player with the highest-ranking set of cards is thus the winner of all the bets placed by other players. Poker consists of at least four betting rounds in which the players are dealt one card at a time, as they place their bets based on how high the players think their cards are ranking. Therefore, if a player believes they have a higher ranking set of cards, they can either match or exceed the current bet. Once a bet is made, the remaining players either have to match the bet or exceed it. If a player feels their dealt cards are not high ranking, they have the option of folding. Folding means discarding the cards the player has been dealt and thus forfeiting interest in the current betting pot. Therefore, the winner can be the player with the highest-ranking cards or the last man standing if all the players fold, no matter the ranking of their card. Players can thus bluff to be having a higher ranking set of cards, intending to make the other players fold. The winner wins all the bets make in the pot. Poker is interesting to play since the game is filled with tension and speculation since players do not know what cards other players are holding. Tip: when playing Poker, never let the other players know the rankings of your cards. Instead, make the other players think your cards have a higher ranking than theirs even if they are not.

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Slot Machine

Slots is a game of chance where players try to match symbols displayed on the slot machine. Slots are the most popular gambling method in casinos based on their simplistic game-play, compared to Blackjack or Poker. However, the playing rules are simple but winning might not be. The slots machines are completely random hence no amount of skill will reassure the player of any winnings. Therefore, if you believe you are a lucky person or having a lucky day, slots should be your go-to game in bitcoin casinos. To increase one’s chances of winning, players need to carefully consider some factors such as the Return to Player rate and other features of the slot machines. Although the game is played in a similar manner of matching symbols, the slots machine never has the same features. The slot machines vary in themes, patterns, symbols, and Return to Player rate. As mentioned above, slots is a game of chance hence it’s advisable to opt for slot machines with a higher chance of winning. Tip: at the bitcoin casino, check the RTP percentage of the slot machines and pick the one with the higher RTP rate.


Roulette is yet another popular and simple casino game. The game consists of a spinning wheel and a small ball. During the game, the wheel is spun and the players place their bets on where they predict the small ball will settle after the wheel stops spinning. Compared to other online casino games, roulette has more choices for players to place their bets. Players can place a bet on a single number, a grouping of numbers, the colours black or red, high numbers, or low numbers. The ball falls into one of 37 slots and winnings are paid to players with successful bets. However, different bets have different payouts based on their probability. For instance, a bet on a single number has a higher payout compared to a bet on either the colours black or red since their probability is higher. Tip: find a balance between the probability and payout of the slots. Higher probability choices have less payout while lower probability choices have higher payouts but almost impossible to predict.


Playing bitcoin casinos and other online casinos can be fun and result in great winnings either based on strategy or chance. However, gambling can become a problem and result in great losses hence it is always wise to know when to stop and try your luck another day.