The majority of casinos on the internet tend to have flashy appearances that attract customers. However, that doesn’t mean that all of those casinos can meet the expectations of its users.

Sometimes, there will be poor customer service, low security, and there might even be scams.But among all of those, the most prevalent issue about casino systems is that they don’t have enough technology on their side.

This will result in lower surveillance that can lead to slower customer support, low security, and many other downsides. Due to this, what users tend to except is not met, and this will lead to the casino getting fewer customers.

So today, we’re going to talk about the essential casino technologies that every casino system should have if they were to maximize their surveillance and keep their customers.

License plate detector

As the name suggests, this technology reads the license plate of every car that enters the casino. This comes in the form of a snapshot of the license plate.

This means that if people cheat inside the casino with the evidence in the surveillance camera, they won’t be able to escape the consequences.

Face recognition

Many cheaters tend to hide their identity. However, with face recognition technology, not only will they be detected, but it would also search the person’s identity to look up their information, including their address, name, and more.

Regardless, it would help a lot to scare off cheaters once they know of the existence of this technology in the casino they’re going to.

Angel eye technology

Angel eye is a pretty complicated technology for beginners. However, most of us should know of the prevalent issue of card switching.

So as a solution, casinos imprint a code on each card so that once the dealer distributes the card, the codes will connect to the computer and it will detect if abnormal activities happen which in this case, is card switching.

RFID technology

The final defense against cheaters is RFID technology. This technology is just like an angel eye, but this time, it is inside the casino chips. So counterfeit chips can be detected, which is the main reason why this technology was created.

Many technologies make casino gaming better. However, some of them are only for making the experience better, not safer.

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