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Your Preferred Way of Paying

As an online casino enthusiast, one of the top things that matter is the type of funding that casinos accept. If a casino doesn’t accept your preferred funding and withdrawal source, then you are not as likely to do business with that online casino. In recent times, many casino fans have taken a liking to cryptocurrencies because of the flexibility and protection that it gives them. One issue that these lovers of cryptocurrency have found is that not all online casinos will allow them to use cryptocurrency as a funding or withdrawal source. For the would-be cryptocurrency user, this article will provide information about online casinos that allow for the use of cryptocurrencies as both funding sources and withdrawal option. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of some casinos that you should check out because they have what you are seeking.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Used

There are many cryptocurrencies there are hundreds of them, but the majority of them are unknown and near worthless. The benchmark for the cryptocurrency industry is the Godfather of them all, Bitcoin. As you look for online casinos who will allow the usage of cryptocurrency, realize that the majority of them will only take Bitcoin. You might ask why is this, and it is because Bitcoin is the most popular, it is the most liquid, it is the most used, and it is the benchmark where all other cryptocurrencies are measured. So naturally, it is the cryptocurrency that businesses such as online casinos feel the most comfortable integrating into their payment and withdrawal system.

Why Choose Cryptocurrencies?

Why would anyone ever consider using cryptocurrencies? A big question that some have, but a question that so few people who might read this article will have. Typically, people who find an article like this one already know why they want to use cryptocurrency with an online casino, and their question is more along the lines of finding online casinos that will allow them to use crypto. For the minority of people who do not understand why some want cryptocurrency as a funding and withdrawal option, it is about freedom, flexibility, security, anonymity, protection and being able to invest their winnings immediately after withdrawal.

Online Blackjack Casinos That Use Cryptocurrencies

When people think about casinos, they often immediately think of blackjack. Blackjack is such a popular game that many movies have been made about it. Millions of people love to play blackjack over the internet, and a decent percentage of those people are interested in having the ability to use cryptocurrency as both their funding source and the ability to withdraw using cryptocurrency. For blackjack players who love the game online, then is the section for you because we will talk about the most popular, and reliable online blackjack sites who not only welcome but encourage their users to use cryptocurrency.

The following are a list of blackjack sites that advertise themselves as taking bitcoin. Many of them offer bonuses for the user who use bitcoin to load their account. Investigate them closely on your own to find the best bonuses and deals.

7Bit Casino 4.5/5

KingBit Casino 4/5

Syndicate Casino 3.5/5

Crypto Games 5/5 4/5

The above list will give you a good start on finding the perfect blackjack casino to use bitcoin with. You will quickly see that most only accept bitcoin, which perfect because it is the safest and most widely used.

Online Poker Casinos That Accept Cryptocurrencies

Poker is easily one of the most popular card games, and not only is poker popular in local casinos, but it is also vastly popular in online casinos. There are poker sites solely dedicated to the game, and in this section, we will focus on sites that are geared to only the game of poker. With poker being so popular, it is obvious that players will have an interest in using cryptocurrency to fund their online poker accounts and to withdraw their winnings. Take a look at these online poker sites that allow players to use cryptocurrency.

A wonderful sample of online poker rooms who are eager for their users to use bitcoin. Luckily, some of these online poker rooms will rewards players with extra bonuses for using bitcoin. Take the time to see which ones have the happiest customers, the best bonuses and which simply fit the type of poker games you wish to play.

Americas Cardroom

Ignition Poker




SB Poker

Not only do all of the above sites freely welcome and encourage bitcoin, but they also are all sites where you can receive huge savings in rake back refunds.

Online Roulette Sites With Cryptocurrency

So many people want to know if their favourite game allows cryptocurrency usage, and if your favourite game is Roulette, then the answer is yes. Unfortunately, like all other online casino games, this is a conditional yes because not all roulette rooms allow for funding and withdrawing with cryptocurrency. We won’t waste too much of your time, but instead, let’s jump right into a list of the top-rated online roulette sites that will allow users to fund and withdraw using cryptocurrency to interact with the site. Here is a list that you can investigate to know where to start your search.

The following roulette rooms allow bitcoin, and we have only selected sites that have a high user rating:

mBit Casino 4/5

BitStarz Casino. 5/5

FortuneJack Casino. 5/5 Casino. 4.5/5

King Billy Casino. 5/5 4.8/5

As you can see, you have many options when looking for a roulette room that takes cryptocurrency. Each of the above accepts bitcoin as the crypto of choice because it is the easiest to use and the easiest to convert. Check out these casinos for playing roulette online.

Multi-game Online Casinos Who Accept Cryptocurrencies

So, there is a huge cohort of people who like a more generalized online casino. What do we mean by this? We mean that a lot of people are not looking to play a specific game like poker or blackjack, but instead they want the full casino experience. As most people know, most online casinos have a variety of games, not just single games, but some sites cater to a single game. In this section, we will quickly provide the reader with a list of online casinos that have multiple games.

General casinos that accept bitcoin:



True Flip

Cloud Bet

Bitcoin Casino

Each of the above provides free bitcoin bonuses when you join.

You Have Many Options

As you can see from reading this post, many online casinos have adopted the use of cryptocurrencies. Amazingly, so many have made this major step towards modernity and flexibility. The choice of customers is to of course do their normal due diligence to ensure that these casinos are a perfect fit for them. What it is great that for cryptocurrency seeking online casino players, they will find a breadth of offerings that will give them this choice. Pay attention to the FAQ on funding sources when reviewing these casinos, and learn what goes into using cryptocurrency with them. If this approach is taken, the casino player is sure to find the perfect online casino.


The majority of casinos on the internet tend to have flashy appearances that attract customers. However, that doesn’t mean that all of those casinos can meet the expectations of its users.

Sometimes, there will be poor customer service, low security, and there might even be scams.But among all of those, the most prevalent issue about casino systems is that they don’t have enough technology on their side.

This will result in lower surveillance that can lead to slower customer support, low security, and many other downsides. Due to this, what users tend to except is not met, and this will lead to the casino getting fewer customers.

So today, we’re going to talk about the essential casino technologies that every casino system should have if they were to maximize their surveillance and keep their customers.

License plate detector

As the name suggests, this technology reads the license plate of every car that enters the casino. This comes in the form of a snapshot of the license plate.

This means that if people cheat inside the casino with the evidence in the surveillance camera, they won’t be able to escape the consequences.

Face recognition

Many cheaters tend to hide their identity. However, with face recognition technology, not only will they be detected, but it would also search the person’s identity to look up their information, including their address, name, and more.

Regardless, it would help a lot to scare off cheaters once they know of the existence of this technology in the casino they’re going to.

Angel eye technology

Angel eye is a pretty complicated technology for beginners. However, most of us should know of the prevalent issue of card switching.

So as a solution, casinos imprint a code on each card so that once the dealer distributes the card, the codes will connect to the computer and it will detect if abnormal activities happen which in this case, is card switching.

RFID technology

The final defense against cheaters is RFID technology. This technology is just like an angel eye, but this time, it is inside the casino chips. So counterfeit chips can be detected, which is the main reason why this technology was created.

Many technologies make casino gaming better. However, some of them are only for making the experience better, not safer.

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Bitcoin casino systems are getting more prevalent as time passes by. But there’s no denying that gamblers will always have doubts about it.

So today we’re going to talk about the frequently-asked questions about bitcoin casino systems and the answers to it all.

Is the casino fair?

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems website - Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems

When entering a bitcoin casino website, the first thing you have to ask is if it’s probably fair. This is because there are casino websites that tend to cheat.

However, many respected casinos are legitimate. Such websites only make use of house edge.

Is the casino licensed and regulated?

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems digital clicking - Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems

Another way to make sure that the casino is fair is by checking out if it is regulated and licensed by a government agency.

Plus, you will also have to figure out if that certain agency is a legitimate and official one since there are times when fake ones pretend to be regulating a website.

What are the casino’s payment terms?

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems internet - Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems

There are many ways for a casino to accept payment. In the case of bitcoin casinos, it should be mainly bitcoin.

However, there should also be payment terms that make sure that you will be paid fairly whenever you want to withdraw.

Does this casino offer support?

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems files - Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casino Systems

If you think you have more questions to be answered, it’s worth noting that casino support is always there for you.

So first, make sure that the bitcoin casino you’re entering has a customer support feature so you will always be guided along your way.

Before anything else, you have to know whether bitcoin casinos are legal in your country. There are legalities in each country, and if you don’t consider them, you’re only digging your own grave.


Bitcoin websites are becoming more and more of a trend in the digital world. However, due to the uncertainty of many, people tend to stay away from it.

Still, engaging in bitcoin websites are profitable, especially when they offer casino games.

Regardless, there will be no surefire way to completely erase your doubts. So here’s a look at six of the best and safest bitcoin websites that you can find on the internet.


Bitstarz can be considered one of the most popular bitcoin websites out there, on top of being one of the safest. This is because their casino is controlled by the Curacao government.

They also offer a lot of variety, considering that they have over 1,000 games, all of which you can enjoy.

While they don’t offer a sportsbook, it’s still a dream come true for casino gamblers since they accept different currencies other than cryptos.

Top 6 Bitcoin Websites That Offers Casino Games woman using laptop - Top 6 Bitcoin Websites That Offers Casino Games


FortuneJack had always been a great website, even before they became popular. It’s also one of the trusted bitcoin websites.

Although it’s not close to Bitstarz, they still offer a lot of games, over 500 casino games to be exact. They also accept different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin

Finally, you’d be glad to know that there’s a great system that allows for online chat, social channels, and online ticketing in FortuneJack.


Obviously, from the name, BtcVegas was designed to serve bitcoin gamblers on the internet. There’s a lot of variety as well such as video poker, slots, table games, and other types of casino games.

However, it’s not as great as others when it comes to currencies since they only accept Bitcoin.

So, it doesn’t give many options to players. On the other hand, it means that people will feel more secure since there is only one currency distributed across the website.


Another one of the safest bitcoin websites out there is CloudBet. The reason for this is they are licensed and regulated by E-Gambling in Montenegro.

They have online casino games, which also includes live casinos, and as such, you can play roulette, blackjack, slots, or baccarat, literally any game you want can be found there.

Unlike Bitstarz, they have a sportsbook feature, although it might not be as helpful to casino gamblers.


mBit is one of those bitcoin websites that was established in the early days of Bitcoin.

As such, the people there know how it works, and so they focused on providing a platform where you can bet anonymously for more security and privacy.

Even with this feature, they still managed to create bonuses and lots of games.


The last one on our list is BitCasino. This is perhaps one of the oldest bitcoin websites out there since it started in 2013 while others started in the following year.

For this reason, they were able to offer 1400 casino games to their users, which is a pretty big number, comparative to the others on the list that barely came in close to the one-thousand mark.

Just like these bitcoin websites share some similarities, there are also differences. These differences are what makes them unique and worth trying out.


There are many cases where we tend to fall into the trap of believing that a currency will be your breakthrough. That’s exactly why many people decided to stay away from bitcoin websites.

However, with the recent changes regarding bitcoin cash, we’ve found that it’s trustworthy, considering that even casinos decided to use the currency.

Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that we can have doubts about it. So today we’re going to ease those doubts by talking about what bitcoin cash is and how it works.

Why Bitcoin Cash in Gambling?

Many people are wondering, why would the gambling industry turn to Bitcoin cash when they can just stick to real-world currency.

For one, there are many benefits that it brings. For example, it can help make migration a little bit easier since the currency is not physical. It would also make it more secure if the provider is regulated by the government.

Other than the benefits, it also has something to do with the customer’s demand. Since bitcoin is becoming more widespread to the people on the internet, it was only right to answer the demand.

Now that you know the reason for the existence of bitcoin cash in the gambling industry, what exactly is Bitcoin cash?

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash is another cryptocurrency that was made as a spin-off for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

It’s a version of Bitcoin, where one is Bitcoin Cash SV and the other is what we simply call Bitcoin Cash. Most people refer to it as BCash in short.

When the use of Bitcoin cash started, obviously there were some expectations by the companies. Here’s a look at what those are.

The Excepted Effects of Bitcoin Cash

The block size of Bitcoin is 1MB. However, that doesn’t compare to the 32MB block size of Bitcoin cash. That’s why it’s only natural for it to replace Bitcoin.

This difference in block size makes it easier for more transactions to be accommodated. This means micro-transactions will be easier to handle from now on with Bitcoin Cash.

Future of Bitcoin Cash in Gambling

Recently, many websites have started to include Bitcoin Cash in their range of accepted currencies.

Some of these websites include 1xBit, BItStarz, and Cloudbet, some of the most prominent figures in the bitcoin gambling industry.

While the early years of Bitcoin were uncertain, it’s becoming better as time passes by. So, although there’s no guarantee whether it’ll become a norm in the future, using Bitcoin cash has a higher chance now to dominate other industries.

When it comes to microtransactions, it’s still best to use Ethereum due to its easier manageability. However, with how Bitcoin is progressing now, it might not take long for it to start becoming superior to Ethereum.

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